Ancient Astronaut Theory

The Ancient Astronaut Theory is definitely an umbrella over everything regarding ancient aliens and is what has led to an explosion in the past couple of years about this weird topic. The show Ancient Aliens on the History Channel has been a harbinger for beliefs like this and has opened the eyes of scientists everywhere. It is one thing to hear about all of these ancient artifacts and crazy buildings that could not have been built by humans, but something entirely different to actually see these practically impossible feats that early humans were able to achieve with no understanding of technology and with nothing but a hammer.(edited)[3:48 PM]There are so many pieces of evidence that just has to raise the question, has the earth been visited my outsiders? Places like Stonehenge, and the Moai of Easter Island are filled with mysterious traits that really does make you think about what if? How could human beings without sophisticated tools or the knowledge of engineering craft, transport such incredible structures? If somebody who told you that there was a deity, who could control the universe and be able to make a planet, would it be that farfetched to believe that there were ancient visitors that came to the planet and helped civilizations with technology and tools? I took a survey asking kids who lived in my dorm if they thought just with prior background knowledge that ancient aliens actually existed or that there was some sort of outside intervention to explain things that are here on earth today. Out of 10 CU students that I asked, there were only 3 of them that thought there was no outside intervention. This is so true that people really don’t know what happened explain these structures or depictions of aliens in caves so there had to be something that was going on back then for these impossible feats to happen. All of these monumental places and weird occurrences that had happened in the past are truly amazing considering the technology that they had back then, really almost too amazing to believe that these people built them. All of these different places can all be directly related to one thing- ancient astronauts.

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