Mormons and Ancient Astronaut Theory

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Do you know who Joseph Smith was? He was a normal guy who was living his life in a simple manner until he started to have strange visions. He is also known as the author of the Book of Mormon. He is worshipped like a God by the Mormon followers. More than 14 million Mormon (LDS Church) members today. According to the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith saw Jesus Christ and Moroni (an Angel) in  several visions. Modern day ancient astronaut theorists believe that Joseph Smith was visited by aliens rather than Moroni or Jesus Christ. Plenty of evidences are present to support this theory. It might be hard to believe the other side of story but what you need to understand is that one must be completely irrational when it comes to exploring the truth. The Book of Mormon mentions that Joseph Smith met Moroni an angel in his first vision after he prayed to God before going to sleep. Do you know that Joseph Smith was visited by Jesus Christ in other visions? Yes that’s right, Joseph Smith received instructions from Jesus Christ as mentioned in Book of Mormon. In another vision, Smith received gold plates from Moroni. Do you know that Mormons explored the cave in Ecuador looking for ancient gold plates? The evidence of a library containing thousands of gold plates in the cave of Ecuador has been found by researchers. These gold plates had important ancient texts written over them. Is it possible that Moroni gave him those gold plates which have not been found yet? The interesting part is that Smith was able to translate some of the text he saw on the gold plates.

Imagine if you will…Perhaps, ‘God’ as described in the Hebrew Old Testament, or any Religious God… was not the omniscient, omnipresent God of the universe but instead a crafty, manipulative completely in character alien or extra-terrestrial being…(imagine Rodger from American Dad!) masquerading as God?

What was the translation of these texts? The translation of these gold plates cannot be found within the Book of Mormon. Do you know why? Smith mentioned the translation in The Book of Mormon’s first draft. The official version was presented after 8 years from the time Smith had written first draft. Why did it take 8 years to present the official version when smith had already written first draft? Some sort of evil plan might have been going on which is why the crucial information was removed from the official version. Do you know that Joseph Smith received instructions from Jesus Christ that he should not join any Church? If that is the case then why did Joseph Smith apply for membership in his wife’s Church? In his first draft, Smith mentioned that he saw God in a vision. There is nothing mentioned regarding this event in the official version. Is it possible that he saw alien in his vision? Was Moroni an alien? It is possible because modern day ancient astronaut theorists have been able to find out that mining in the cave was performed by extraterrestrials that created a complete library containing thousands of gold plates and gold books.. It would appear that Joseph Smith was led by extraterrestrials rather than spiritual God or Angels.

4 thoughts on “Mormons and Ancient Astronaut Theory

  1. The golden tablets should have been printed in hebrew, and thus any rabi could have translated them… Therefore, Smith’s claims are bogus…

    1. Why would you think they should of been in hebrew?? When the ancient natives had their own language. And how do you KNOW they wernt? He was told not to show them to anyone. And if you think for one second GOD is giving you instruction. You do it
      Love hownnon mormons tell the story of mormons and then mess it all up
      Ouy vay

  2. How do you known they were not?

    He was told not to show them to anyone… as a test of his faith, but yall non members …keep making stuff up as ya go..🤦‍♂️

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