Starchild Skull

The Story
In the 1930s, a girl exploring the Copper Canyon region of Mexico stumbled upon an adult-sized skeleton in an abandoned mine. Next to the skeleton was a mound of dirt under which was buried a child-size skeleton.
Once unearthed, the skull of the smaller skeleton proved to be unusual in that “the volume of the interior of the starchild skull is 1,600 cubic centimeters, which is 200 cm³ larger than the average adult’s brain, and 400 cm³ larger than an adult of the same approximate size.”
The eye sockets are shallower than normal, there are no discernable sinuses, and “the back of the skull is flattened, but not by artificial means,” according to Wikipedia.

The skull is now in the possession of Lloyd Pye, who founded The Starchild Project in order to study and analyze the skull. According to Pye, the skull features the following anomalous characteristics:
– The skull’s bone is about half as thick as normal human bone.
– The bone weighs about half as much as normal human bone.
– The bone is substantially stronger than any known bone on planet Earth, with a mineral profile more like dental enamel than bone.
– The skull is morphologically unique, and does not match the physical profile of any known human deformity.
– The bone of the skull contains an as yet unidentified reddish residue that had never been seen before in bone (this is not desiccated bone marrow).
– The bone of the skull contains microscopic fibers that have never been seen before in the bone of
The skull was carbon dated at around 900 years old and early DNA tests found mitochondrial DNA from a human mother but “no nuclear DNA could be recovered using human-only primers, which strongly indicates that the skull’s father was something other than a typical human,” according to Pye.
Scientific explanations have pointed to various ailments and syndromes, as well as to certain artificial, ritualistic skull deformation techniques. “Explanations for the skull’s unusual features include the use of cradle boarding on a hydrocephalic child, brachycephaly, Crouzon syndrome, congenital hydrocephalus, and progeria,” according to Wikipedia.
A popular paranormal explanation is that the Starchild skull is the result of human-alien breeding, specifically the combination of human female DNA with that of a “grey” alien. Grey aliens may perhaps be most well known in popular culture to have large cranial structures and shallow eye sockets.

DNA Testing
Forensic DNA testing done in 1999 at a lab in Vancouver, BC “found standard X and Y chromosomes in two samples taken from the skull, ‘conclusive evidence that the child was not only human (and male), but both of his parents must have been human as well, for each must have contributed one of the human sex chromosomes’,” according to Wikipedia.
However, DNA testing done in 2003 at a lab that “specializes in extracting DNA from ancient samples” was able to recover mitochondrial DNA (DNA from the mother) but “was not able to recover useful lengths of nuclear DNA,” which comes from the father.
In talking about the 2003 tests Pye is quoted as saying:
“In 2003 we had a DNA analysis that used human-only primers to recover the Starchild’s mitochondrial DNA, the DNA outside the nucleus, which comes from the mother and her genetic line. That meant its mother was human. But we could not recover its nuclear DNA, which comes from both mother and father, which meant its father was not a human. Unfortunately, with the recovery technology of 2003 we couldn’t prove what he was, which left us in scientific limbo. The ‘no result’ from the search for the nuclear DNA clearly meant Dad wasn’t human, but we could not prove that fact beyond all possible doubt.”
While whether or not that “clearly” means that the father wasn’t human can likely be debated, subsequent DNA testing done in 2010 has, according to Pye, shown “a clear recovery of its nuclear DNA, which could not be done in 2003.” And what does the nuclear DNA show?
When compared to the National Institute of Health’s database containing “all genetic information generated by geneticists all over the world,” a sample of 265 base pairs of the Starchild skull’s DNA from the X chromosome matched up against known human DNA, while 342 base pairs from the Y chromosome returned “no significant similarity” to any known DNA.
This leads Pye to conclude, “To recover a stretch of base pairs as long as that with NO reference in the NIH database is astounding because it means there is no known earthly corollary for what has been analyzed!” All of the information is presented in a recent posting from Pye to his newsletter subscribers, the full text of which can be found here.
Skeptics argue that the Starchild skull and its related studies amount to little more than pseudoscience, while believers cite the most recent DNA tests and anomalies inherent within the actual bone structure as evidence of something out of this world or, at the very least, not yet known to this world. As with most mysterious events, we’ll probably never know the whole story. That’s kind of half the fun, though.

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Russian Government and Alien Influence

he Russians have recently claimed that they can now predict when UFOs will appear in the skies above them and that they have now learnt how to willingly summon them! The Russians have also claimed that UFO activity is increased when large scale weapons testing is taking place, of which they have been measuring UFO activity by doing so!

According to Vasily Yeremenko, a Major General of FIB in reserve, academician of the Academy of Security, Defence and Law Enforcement:

“We can say that we learned to summon UFOs in Vladimirovka. To do this, we dramatically increased the number of military flights and movement of the equipment. If the intensity on our side increased, UFOs appeared with the probability of 100 percent.”Vasily Yeremenko

According to Svobodnaya Pressa, which is a major Russian news website, the Russian Navy have actually now declassified records of numerous encounters with unidentified objects that technologically surpass anything ever built by humanity….leading to the fact that these UFO’s MUST be of an Alien origin!

A special unique Navy group which is headed by Deputy Navy Commander Admiral Nikolay Smirnov collected information on reports of unidentified objects, delivered by submarines and military ships.

According to Vladimir Azhazha, a UFO researcher and former Military Navy officer:

“Fifty percent of UFO encounters are connected with oceans. Fifteen more – with lakes. So UFOs tend to stick to the water.”Vladimir Azhazha

When the Russians say that they can summon the UFO’s at a guess I think what they actually mean is that mankind’s actions can dictate when they appear. For quite some time now we have heard about UFO’s over looking military exercises and watching over Nuclear weapons storage facilities… fact some UFO’s have apparently even managed to turn nuclear weapons off!

Could it be that the Aliens are watching us so closely as they are concerned about what card we humans are going to play next. Nobody should have the right to destroy this beautiful planet with weapons of mass destruction….And perhaps THIS is why ‘they’ are watching us so closely!!

A mass Mirage?, a Flata Morgana? Hundreds see ‘floating city’ in skies above China


Weather experts have explained the phenomena as natural mirage, an optical illusion called Fata Morgana.

Fata Morgana can be seen on land or sea and involves the optical distortion and inversion of distant objects such as boats, which can appears as skyscrapers because the images become stacked, when rays of light bend as they pass through air of different temperatures such as in a heat haze.

But the mystery has sent conspiracy theorists into over drive.

A real Prime Directive in the Universe??

study published last month in The Astronomical Journal posits that intelligent extraterrestrial life could be taking its time to explore the galaxy, harnessing star systems’ movement to make star-hopping easier.

The work is a new response to a question known as the Fermi paradox, which asks why we haven’t detected signs of extraterrestrial intelligence.

The paradox was first posed by the physicist Enrico Fermi, who famously asked, “Where is everybody?” I hypothosisize….Since no ther species have identified themselves to us, could it be due to a possible be a real Prime Directive in the Universe??

Gaia mapping the stars of the Milky Way
The Gaia spacecraft maps the stars of the Milky Way. 

lthough the concept of the Prime Directive has been alluded to and paraphrased by many Star Trek characters during the television series and feature films, the actual directive has never been provided to viewers.[3] The most complete attempts to define the directive have come from non-canonical works and include:

The Prime Directive prohibits Starfleet personnel and spacecraft from interfering in the normal development of any society, and mandates that any Starfleet vessel or crew member is expendable to prevent violation of this rule[4]


As the right of each sentient species to live in accordance with its normal cultural evolution is considered sacred, no Starfleet personnel may interfere with the normal and healthy development of alien life and culture. Such interference includes introducing superior knowledge, strength, or technology to a world whose society is incapable of handling such advantages wisely. Starfleet personnel may not violate this Prime Directive, even to save their lives and/or their ship, unless they are acting to right an earlier violation or an accidental contamination of said culture. This directive takes precedence over any and all other considerations, and carries with it the highest moral obligation.[5][6]

So far, we’ve detected about 4,000 planets outside our solar system, and none has been found to host life. But we haven’t looked that hard: There are at least 100 billion stars in the Milky Way, and even more planets. One recent study estimated that up to 10 billion of those planets could be Earth-like.

But that doesn’t mean they were never here, the authors of the new study said.

If an alien civilization came to Earth millions of years ago (the Earth is 4.5 billion years old), there might be no remaining signs of their visit, the authors wrote. They pointed to previous research suggesting that we may not be able to detect evidence of past alien visits.

It’s even possible that aliens have passed near Earth since we’ve been here, but decided not to visit. The paper called this the “Aurora effect,” named for Kim Stanley Robinson’s novel “Aurora.”

What’s more, aliens might not want to visit a planet that already has life, the authors said. To assume that they would, they added, would be a “naive projection” of a human tendency to equate expansion with conquest.

The study accounted for all these considerations — the calculations assumed that alien civilizations would settle only a fraction of the habitable worlds they encountered.

Still, the researchers said, if there are enough habitable worlds, aliens could easily have spread across the galaxy by now.

For now, the researchers don’t think we should get discouraged by any perceived silence from the universe.

“It doesn’t mean that we’re alone,” Carroll-Nellenback said. “It just means that habitable planets are probably rare and hard to get to.”

In the next few years, our ability to detect and observe other potentially habitable planets is expected to improve dramatically as new telescopes get built and launched into space.

The Kepler telescope made leaps and bounds in the search for planets that might host life in our galaxy. In Earth’s orbit today, the Hubble Space Telescope and Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite are continuing the search. NASA is also building the James Webb Space Telescope, which may be able to see as far through space and time as the Big Bang; it’s set to launch in 2021.

Of course, what would really improve scientists’ ability to estimate the probability that we’re alone in the universe would be more data on the speed or ranges of interstellar probes. A better sense of how long hypothetical alien civilizations last would be useful too.

If so many other civilizations exist in our galaxy, why haven’t we seen any traces of them? The oldest known star in the Milky Way is over 13.6 billion years old, meaning our Solar System, which formed “only” 4.6 billion years ago, is relatively young. In theory, there should exist numerous civilizations that are more technologically advanced than us.

And what do civilizations do? They colonize. They consume resources. They expand. An advanced civilization would no doubt colonize other planets as we, ourselves, are considering — and we’ve been sending objects into space for less than 100 years. A sufficiently advanced civilization can go on to harness the resources of its entire Solar System, then seek out others. Even without faster-than-light travel, it would only take an estimated 5 to 50 million years to colonize the galaxy. While that may seem long to us, 13.6 billion years affords enough time for this to have happened hundreds of times over.

Yet, we still haven’t uncovered any definite traces of the existence of other civilizations, be it a friendly visit or some artifact of a long-extinct alien race. So… where is everybody?

One possible answer lies in the lore of Star Trek, courtesy of the guiding principle of the United Federation of Planets: the Prime Directive. Stay with me — this isn’t sci-fi hokum. Remember that Star Trek was able to predict the flip phone, tablet computer, Bluetooth headset, and other modern technology that was inconceivable to the everyman of the 1960s.

The Prime Directive prohibits Starfleet personnel from interfering with alien civilizations that have yet to develop the technology for interstellar spaceflight. The principle is grounded in the ethical argument that, for such a civilization, contact with an alien race or technology — or even the discovery that alien races exist — could be detrimental to the civilization’s development. Imagine if aliens had landed in Washington during the Cold War and met with the President — how do you think Russia would have reacted?

The Prime Directive
StarFleet Prime Directive

While the Prime Directive is a largely benevolent reason for an alien race to hide its existence from us, there exist plenty of other motivations: fear, indifference, or even indecisiveness. Hell, maybe all the civilizations out there have tuned into one of our currently trending reality TV shows and collectively decided that they don’t want to have anything to do with humans. Still, this would require that all other civilizations out there are united in their decision to hide their existence from us — and if Earth is any example, it’s difficult just to get different nations of the same species to agree on anything.

But maybe there is only one advanced civilization out there. Be it out of paranoia, expansionism, or aggression, it is entirely possible that there exists one superpower in our galaxy that eliminates any other civilization that evolves to a technological level at which it is perceived to be a threat. Maybe the Milky Way is home to an alien race similar to the Borg, which seeks out and assimilates species in pursuit of perfection, and we’ve simply been considered too inferior to be worth assimilating.

There are other possible explanations for the Fermi paradox. Maybe other civilizations exist, but there are technological or economical hurdles to galaxy-wide expansion that cannot be overcome. Maybe they are too far removed in either space or time to contact, living thousands of light-years away or having gone extinct millions of years ago. Maybe we currently lack the methods or technology to properly detect alien signals, which may be coming in in compressed data streams or at rates that are either too fast or too slow for our electronics to handle. Maybe they are so different from us that we don’t recognize or perceive their technology or communication attempts. Maybe we have been visited by aliens in the past, and early humans mistook these figures for deities. Maybe self-destruction is the nature of intelligent life, and the Milky Way is littered with the post-apocalyptic remains of dead civilizations just waiting to one day be discovered by us. Maybe the other civilizations in our galaxy are less technologically advanced than we are.

Or maybe, just maybe, in this seemingly endless universe of billions of galaxies, trillions of stars, and countless planets, we are, indeed, alone

Tomb of Osiris Found!!

Ancient And Forgotten Tomb Of God Osiris Discovered Under The Sphinx July 8, 2020 Articles What appears to be a replica of the Tomb of Osiris was recently discovered in Egypt by a team of Spanish and Italian archeologists. What appeared to be an authentic Tomb of Osiris was soon discovered to be an exact replica of it, down to the most minute detail. After the supposed ruler died he was buried alongside all of his slaves and subordinates. After digging a little bit underneath the team uncovered hundreds of corpses which were supposedly still alive when they were buried underneath his tomb. The tomb is downright plastered with carvings and statues of Osiris, to the point where every single one of the walls of the structure has his name all over it. The five main pillars that hold it all up have a staircase in the center of it all which is where the supposed deity was buried after it passed away. There is no actual body there, but what we did uncover is a huge statue of him right down the middle of the structure. After the body perishes the soul is taken to where it’s supposed to be tested for its sins. The room is filled to the brim with demon artifacts which were supposed to protect him in case he didn’t bode so well with the test. It dates back to 760 BC – 525 BC according to the experts.

The tomb is downright plastered with carvings and statues of Osiris, to the point where every single one of the walls of the structure has his name all over it. The five main pillars that hold it all up have a staircase in the center of it all which is where the supposed deity was buried after it passed away. There is no actual body there, but what we did uncover is a huge statue of him right down the middle of the structure. After the body perishes the soul is taken to where it’s supposed to be tested for its sins. The room is filled to the brim with demon artifacts which were supposed to protect him in case he didn’t bode so well with the test.

Adam & Eve or Ancient Astronaut Theory?

Adam and Eve, according to the creation myth of the Abrahamic religions,[1][2] were the first man and woman. They are central to the belief that humanity is in essence a single family, with everyone descended from a single pair of original ancestors.[3] It also provides the basis for the doctrines of the fall of man and original sin that are important beliefs in Christianity, although not held in Judaism or Islam.[4] 

In the Book of Genesis of the Hebrew Bible, chapters one through five, there are two creation narratives with two distinct perspectives. In the first, Adam and Eve are not named. Instead, God created humankind in God’s image and instructed them to multiply and to be stewards over everything else that God had made. In the second narrative, God fashions Adam from dust and places him in the Garden of Eden. Adam is told that he can eat freely of all the trees in the garden, except for a tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Subsequently, Eve is created from one of Adam’s ribs to be his companion. They are innocent and unembarrassed about their nakedness. However, a serpent deceives Eve into eating fruit from the forbidden tree, and she gives some of the fruit to Adam. These acts give them additional knowledge, but it gives them the ability to conjure negative and destructive concepts such as shame and evil. God later curses the serpent and the ground. God prophetically tells the woman and the man what will be the consequences of their sin of disobeying God. Then he banishes them from the Garden of Eden. 

The myth underwent extensive elaboration in later Abrahamic traditions, and it has been extensively analyzed by modern biblical scholars. Interpretations and beliefs regarding Adam and Eve and the story revolving around them vary across religions and sects; for example, the Islamic version of the story holds that Adam and Eve were equally responsible for their sins of hubris, instead of Eve being the first one to be unfaithful. The story of Adam and Eve is often depicted in art, and it has had an important influence in literature and poetry. 

The story of the fall of Adam is often considered to be an allegory. Findings in population genetics, particularly those concerning Y-chromosomal Adam and Mitochondrial Eve, indicate that a single first “Adam and Eve” pair of human beings ever existed. Which would mean that we are all products of incest!?Think about that…let that sink in…lol

The Ancient Astronaut Theory is mentioned a lot in UFO circles, but what exactly is it? In short, it is the notion that extraterrestrial visitors came to Earth in the distant past, intentionally or not, shaping human history as they did. However, in truth, and in part because of the sheer speculative nature of the general premise of the Ancient Astronaut Theory, it is an idea and concept that branches off into several different areas, with an equal abundance of different possibilities. And what’s more, investigation into these areas may well lead to other possibilities and conclusions. For example, might we find that what we believe to be “ancient astronauts” right now, might actually prove to be an ancient civilization?

Imagine if you will…Perhaps, ‘God’ as described in the Hebrew Old Testament, or any Religious Gods… were not the omniscient, omnipresent Gods of the universe but were instead  a crafty, manipulative completely in character aliens or extra-terrestrial beings…(imagine Rodger from American Dad!) masquerading as God? This make more sense to me than any Organized Religion does!! If you agree…Please Join me in building the (A420) the One & Only dedicated Ancient Astronaut Theory Discussion Forum and Discord Community! I know there has to be more than just me!!…lol

Anunnaki 101: The Ancient Gods of Sumer

annu 1024 576

Who were the Anunnaki and why do we care? The short answer is: The Anunnaki were the deity pantheon of the ancient Sumerians. And interest in the Sumerian culture has been active and persistent since it was discovered in the 19th century — for several reasons.

Who were the Sumerians?

The Sumerians appear on the archaeological record beginning around 4,500 BCE. Located in present-day Iraq (I was deployed to Al Asaad in 2003-2004), the region, a.k.a. Mesopotamia has long been referred to as “the cradle of civilization.” Sumer was a handful of city-states initially ruled by priests, each organized around a city and temple now called  a “ziggurat.” The ziggurats, dedicated to Anunnaki worship, were layered pyramids with flat tops. These communities were considered to be “servant-slave” populations dedicated to serving the temple gods, the Anunnaki. Over time, priesthood rulership gave way to kings.

Sumerian history is gleaned from archaeological and geologic evidence — written records are in the form of cuneiform tablets. Reportedly, some half-million tablets have been recovered, but only a small number have been translated. Much was also learned from translations of Babylonian records; Sumer was considered “ancient” in Babylonian times.

Sumerians worshiped the Anunnaki, said to be the children of earth and sky; An, the sky god, and Ki, the earth goddess. Chief among them was Enlil, the god of air. This pantheon was passed to the Akkadian, Babylonian, and Assyrian cultures. The Epic of Gilgamesh, the story of the historical king of Sumerian city-state Urek, is an ancient literary relic of Sumerian culture.

Above is the mainstream “narrative” regarding the Anunnaki — others have drawn different conclusions based on archaeological evidence, analysis of Sumerian mythology, and translations of cuneiform tablets.

The Flipside of the Annunaki Story

Author Michael Cremo (“Forbidden Archaeology”) has researched the history of archaeology for 40-plus years, documenting findings that have been excluded from mainstream, academic archaeology; findings that would disrupt the widely accepted story of human origins.

Cremo, along with author Zecharia Sitchin,  Erich von Däniken (author, “Chariots of the Gods”), author and researcher Michael Tellinger, and several others, makes compelling arguments that the Anunnaki were, in fact, off-world beings posing as “gods.” This theory also asserts that these “sky” gods genetically engineered the human race a slave species, which may account for weak links in the evolutionary story. These theories gave birth to the “ancient astronaut” hypothesis asserting that off-world beings have been posing as gods to influence human affairs for millennia.

Many believe that the Annunaki extracted massive amounts of gold using human labor — this is derived from multiple discoveries of ancient mining tunnels in South Africa, as well as relics and links to the Sumerians. “No one knows why they wanted gold, no one knows how much was taken,” said Tellinger. He added that the Annunaki introduced the concepts of money, finance, and debt to human societies.

A theory that these beings originated from “Nibiru,” a.k.a. “Planet X” has been added to alternate Anunnaki narratives, as well as the likelihood of the off-world gods bringing advanced technologies that account for sophisticated megastructures such as the pyramids or Stonehenge. Out-of-place artifacts and tool discoveries contribute to these premises. The Sumerians are also known for sophisticated astronomical and mathematical knowledge, speculated to have passed from the Annunaki.

Annunaki god Enki

While no lists of the Annunaki pantheon exist, it is known that each Sumerian city-state had its own Annunaki god/overseer assigned by senior Annunaki Marduk.

Some, perhaps inspired by Theosophical Society founder Helena Blavatsky’s book “The Secret Doctrine,” assert that the Annunaki are/were a reptilian race that survives to this day, deeply entrenched in human affairs. In her book, Blavatsky wrote of “dragon men” who influenced the lost Lemurian civilization.

David Icke has been on the disclosure/conspiracy lecture circuit since 1999 — he accurately reported that U.K. TV and radio star Jimmy Savile was a rampant pedophile, proven true after Savile’s death in 2011.

Icke believes the imposter Anunnaki gods continue to manipulate humanity from seats of political, corporate, and financial power worldwide. He explains that these beings not only exploit humans but feed off collective fear; Icke calls for a disconnect from mainstream media and Orwellian entrainment that triggers fear and anxiety — an aggregate hypnotic state.

Many share Icke’s view. On the surface, the Anunnaki/Reptilian narrative appears to be a completely unbelievable hypothesis. But follow the breadcrumbs for a fascinating story reaching from ancient times to modern, and draw your own conclusions.

Click to access sumeriancreation.pdf

Adolf Hitler and Alien Influence

Did Hitler meet Aliens? –

Rumours have existed since the end of the Second World War that Hitler had either developed flying saucers, or had reverse engineered alien saucers that the Nazi’s had captured.

Now recent evidence points to an even more sinister event, that Hitler met with alien visitors on a number of occasions.

When Adolf Hitler spread his message of hatred, genocide, and oppression, as having been inspired by a blond race of superhuman warriors referred to as Aryans, it is assumed through historical accounts that this was simply the contrived mythology of a madman.

These same accounts omit representation that Adolf Hilter was a member of demonic UFO cult worshipping cabals, and was an apparent UFO contactee, by the same Extraterrestrial group which Hilter sought to glorify.

The Nazis themselves claimed that an extraterrestrial society was the source of their ideology and the power behind their organization. Nazi mysticism, indeed, was reportedly a direct product of cult worship to Manipulative Extraterrestrials.

The Nazis referred to their hidden extraterrestrial masters as underground supermen. Hitler believed in the supermen and claimed that he had once met one of them, as did other members of the Thule leadership.

Some reports also allege that Adolf Hitler escaped capture by the U.S. and its Allies with the assistance of Manipulative Extraterrestrials.

Project Haunebu – Allegedly Crashed UFO in Germany 1936, Reverse Engineering

In science fiction, conspiracy theory, and underground comic books, there are a number of stories or claims regarding Nazi UFOs (in German: Rundflugzeug, Feuerball, Diskus, Haunebu, Hauneburg-Gerate, VRIL, Kugelblitz, Andromeda-Gerate, Flugkreisel, Kugelwaffen, satirically as Reichsflugscheiben).

They relate supposedly successful attempts to develop advanced aircraft or spacecraft in Nazi Germany prior to and during World War II, and further claim the post-war survival of these craft in secret underground bases in Antarctica, South America, the United States and even the Moon or Outer Space along with their Nazi creators.

These accounts appear from as early as 1950, likely inspired by historical German development of specialized engines such as Viktor Schauberger’s “Repulsine” around the time of WWII. Elements of the claims have been widely incorporated into various works of fictional media including video games and documentaries, often mixed with more substantiated information.

Nazi UFO tales and myths very often conform largely to documented history on the following points:

  • Nazi Germany claimed the territory of New Swabia in Antarctica, sent an expedition there in 1938, and planned others.
  • Nazi Germany conducted research into advanced propulsion technology, including rocketry, Viktor Schauberger’s engine research, flying wing craft and the Arthur Sack A.S.6 experimental circular winged aircraft.
  • Some UFO sightings during World War II, particularly those known as Foo Fighters were thought by the allies to be prototype enemy aircraft designed to harass Allied aircraft through electromagnetic disruption; a technology similar to today’s electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapons.

One of the best examples of Hitler’s possible Alien influence is one of Viktor Schauberger’s inventions. The Repulsin.

The Repulsin creates 2 effects, here they are:

The Coanda Effect: a pure Aerodynamic effect based on the Bernoulli’s principle.

The high speed vortex in the “vortex chamber” produces an electric, charged separation effect, called “the diamagnetic effect ” by Schauberger. These two effects, combined, create the so-called “implosion effect”.

What happens when The Repulsin is activated is that it is lifted up into the air with tremendous power. None of the power used in the Repulsin requires batteries, electricity, or fossil fuels or rocket boosters of any kind.

When the main electric engine is started, the Coanda effect begins to create a differential aerodynamic pressure between the outer and the inner surface of the primary hull. At a higher speed, the vortex chamber becomes a kind of high electrostatic generator due to the air particles, in high speed motion, acting as an electrical charge transporter. The Repulsine will begin to glow due to the strong ionization effect of the air. Now, we have all the ingredients for a continuous and strong Aether Flow along the main axis from the top to the bottom of the craft…The radial air pressure required for lifting 1kg with the Coanda Effect is about 1,4 kg/cm2

Viktor knew the power of vortex’s and how to use them to generate power. He ionized the air in the machine and this created lift. Here is a picture of a flying disc the American Army built using his technology. The Army stopped using his technology saying it was not worthy of being further tested. Why they said that nobody knows. As far as many people can see this was an amazing technology that should not have been abandoned.

Here is a picture of one of the crafts that was built by the Nazi’s using his technology.

Is the Mimic Octopus proof of extra-terrestrial life??

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is mimic-octopus.jpg

is a small brown octopus that grows up to an average length of about 60 – 70 cm or 2 ft. Its brown body is covered with white spots or stripes. Just like other octopi, the mimic octopus has a mantle with three hearts, eight arms and tentacles that are around 25 cm long and about 1 – 2 cm wide. » The mimic octopus makes use of chromatophores present in the pigment sacs on its skin to transform its appearance. These pigment sacs can be expanded or contracted by the octopus to get the desired change of color and appearance.

he mimic octopus (Thaumoctopus mimicus) has some interesting ways to keep from being eaten. The brown-and-white stripes on its arms resemble the patterning on venomous sea snakes and the coloring of spiny lionfish. And it can vary its shape and positioning to look like a variety of different underwater creatures. For example, when the octopus swims, it can arrange all of its long arms behind its body and impersonate a toxic flatfish, such as a zebra sole. These aren’t perfect impersonations, but they may startle a predator enough that the octopus has time to escape.

In a study in the Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, biologists examined DNA sequences of the mimic octopus and 35 of its relatives to create a family tree and determine when each of the mimic’s distinctive traits evolved. They found that the octopus began to swim like a flatfish around the same time that it evolved very long arms. The conspicuous body patterning came later.

Although many animals exhibit such a survival instinct by transforming their appearance or camouflaging with the surroundings, the mimic octopus is the only aquatic species that can transform into more than a few, with respect to behavior, shape, color, and size. It has the ability to mimic the flatfish, lion fish, sea snake, brittle stars, sea anemones, jellyfish, stingray, crabs, and shrimp among other creatures. Flatfish The octopus apes the flatfish by pulling all its arms together and floating parallel to the ocean floor. The otherwise invertebrate and fleshy snack of a mimic octopus now looks like a poisonous flatfish, thus warding off predators. Lion fish The lion fish is a sea animal found in the Indo-Pacific region where the mimic octopus resides. The octopus imitates the fish by spreading out its tentacles that resemble the spikes of the lion fish. Sea Snake The mimic imitates a sea snake by burying four of its arms and the mantle into the sand or ocean floor, keeping only its eyes and two arms above the ocean floor, making it look like a brown-white striped venomous sea snake lying across the ocean bed.

Recently, a group of 33 scientists worldwide—including molecular immunologist Edward Steele and astrobiologist Chandra Wickramasinghe—published a paper suggesting, in all seriousness, that octopuses may indeed be aliens. The paper, published in the March issue of the the journal Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology, is controversial, obviously, and the vast majority of scientists would disagree. But the paper is still worthy of discussion—for one, as a thought exercise, because outlandish ideas are often initially rejected. And in provoking us with seemingly bizarre theories, it forces us to acknowledge that there are aspects of life on Earth for which classic evolutionary theory as yet has no explanation. The octopus, for example, is traditionally considered to come from the nautiloid, having evolved about 500 million years ago. But that relationship doesn’t explain how these odd cephalopods got all their awesome characteristics or why octopuses are so very different, genetically speaking, from their alleged nautiloid ancestors. The paper states: The genetic divergence of Octopus from its ancestral coleoid sub-class is very great … Its large brain and sophisticated nervous system, camera-like eyes, flexible bodies, instantaneous camouflage via the ability to switch color and shape are just a few of the striking features that appear suddenly on the evolutionary scene. The transformative genes leading from the consensus ancestral nautilus to the common cuttlefish to squid to the common octopus can’t be found in any pre-existing life form, the authors say. So far, so good. But then the paper gets highly speculative. The researchers continue, “It is plausible then to suggest they [octopuses] seem to be borrowed from a far distant ‘future’ in terms of terrestrial evolution, or more realistically from the cosmos at large.” To make matters even more strange, the paper posits that octopuses could have arrived on Earth in “an already coherent group of functioning genes within (say) cryopreserved and matrix protected fertilized octopus eggs.” And these eggs might have “arrived in icy bolides several hundred million years ago.” The authors admit, though, that “such an extraterrestrial origin…of course, runs counter to the prevailing dominant paradigm.” Indeed, few in the scientific community would agree that octopuses come from outer space. But the paper is not just about the provenance of cephalopods. Its proposal that octopuses could be extraterrestrials is just a small part of a much more extensive discussion of a theory called “panspermia,” which has its roots in the ideas of ancient Greece. The word “panspermia” translates to “seeds everywhere.” The idea is that the seeds of life are everywhere in the universe, including space, and life on Earth may originate from “seeds” of some kind in space. In this paper, the authors argue that the “seeds,” or alien life forms invading Earth, come in multiple forms, including “space-resistant and space-hardy” viruses and bacteria. It supports this argument by pointing to organic matter found in comets, as well as various medical studies on the inexplicably intelligent self-replicating abilities and super-strength of viruses. The paper reviews 60 years of experiments and observations from a range of scientific fields to support its unusual conclusions. Virologist Karin Moelling of the Max Planck Institute Molecular Genetics in Berlin isn’t convinced, although she says that the paper is worth contemplating because there’s still so much we don’t know about the origins of life on Earth. She writes in in a commentary (paywall) in the same publication, “So this article is useful, calling for attention, and it is worth thinking about, yet the main statement about viruses, microbes and even animals coming to us from space, cannot be taken seriously.” Evolutionary scientist Keith Baverstock from the University of Eastern Finland, in his commentary on the paper (paywall), is equally wary. The proposed theories “would support an extra-terrestrial origin of life,” he writes. Still, they don’t necessarily lead to that conclusion; there are other plausible explanations for the evidence the paper offers. The authors are well aware of the intellectual resistance to their ideas, writing: We certainly do not want this paper to read, as one reviewer has put it, ‘somewhat like a last-ditch and exasperated attempt to convince the main stream of the scientific community that…life has been carried to this planet from elsewhere in the universe on comets/meteorites.’ The researchers acknowledge that some forms of life originated on Earth. But they still say that other, perhaps earlier, forms originated elsewhere, like outer space. In other words, they argue that the two ideas aren’t mutually exclusive, and, taken together, they would help fill in some gaps in the current scientific understanding that the classic evolutionary theory cannot. The paper is intended to be provocative. That said, it did withstand a year of intense peer-review before publication. As Steele told Cosmos, “It has thus passed some severe and tortuous tests already.” If for no other reason, the ideas proposed in this rather radical paper are worthy of our attention because we always tend to agree with what we already believe. Yet the history of science is full of theories that were mocked and rejected out of hand, only to finally be accepted as truth. Or, in Steele’s words, “The situation is reminiscent to the problem Galileo had with the Catholic priests of his time—most refused to look through his telescope to observe the moons of Jupiter.” Consider these scientists intellectual troublemakers. You don’t have to agree with their theories about octopuses from outer space to appreciate their contribution to the great conversation about the origins of life. Society and science need people to articulate unconventional ideas and shake up the status quo. They provoke us to rethink what we imagine we know.