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3G Indica

(Autopilot XXL)

I plan on growing it myself here in Arizona (starting this spring), and possibly shipping to anywhere it’s legal (if I can figure out how without going to jail). Any Stoner Lawyers out there have any input? Email me at  any other input will be appreciated akso. 

This strain is an indica dominant and has a bigger size and a flowering time of 60-65 days. Autopilot XXL is simple to grow and leads to a very generous harvest. This plant usually develops a big main bud together with a good number of buds on the side branches. The buds are pretty heavy for an auto-flowering, the aroma is musky with a final of parsley and pepper. The effect is as happy as her bigger sister. In the outdoors it is possible to grow and harvest in every temperate period of the year, without having to wait for the autumn.

Kind of seeds: Autoflowering Female


20% Sativa 60% Indica 20% Ruderalis

Total Growing Time: 9 weeks

Yield: up to 125 gr per plant indoor, up to 300 gr per plant outdoor

Flavor: musky, parsley, pepper

Effect: happy

THC: 15%

CBD: low

Big Bud is an indica marijuana strain made from a three-way cross of Afghani, Northern Lights and Skunk #1. Big Bud delivers deeply relaxing effects you can feel from head-to-toe. This strain features an earthy and spicy aroma. Bid Bud has a history of being first developed in the United States before being brought to the Netherlands in the 1980s to survive the war on drugs. Growers say Big Bud produces high yields and massive buds with very few leaves. This strain is best for indoor growing and has a flowering time of 57 days.

This plant is almost a pure indica strain with a happy effect and it is available only in its female version. It’s the biggest producer of our collection and it can reach this result without compromising quality. The structure of the plant is typical of indica, not very tall, and it performs well both in seas of green or as a bigger individual plant. It grows well outdoor in the right condition (temperate climate only) where its early flowering can be the winning point.

80% Indica 20% Sativa

Flowering Time: 7-8 weeks

Yield: 600-750 gr per sq. mt. indoor, up to 1 KG per plant outdoor

THC: up to 15%

Rough numbers

Average 5 (3 -7) lbs per plant Grim’s Ganja Garden will start growing Big Bud XXL in auto-flowering form.

10 plants

50lbs per Harvest

Sell for $1,500 per lb.

$75,000 per Harvest

Up tp six Harvests a year

Cash only Business

I plan on growing it myself here in Arizona (starting this spring), and possibly shipping to anywhere it’s legal (if I can figure out how without going to jail). Any Stoner Lawyers out there have any input? Email me at  any other input will be appreciated akso. 

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Legal cannabis delivery services: Here’s what you need to know

Modern life has its drawbacks, but legal cannabis delivered to your door is not one of them.

In 2020, millions of Americans now have access to the world’s cleanest, strongest, most fragrant cannabis ever grown—all from a click of a cursor or mobile phone tap.

‘Is this really real? Can we actually get it legally delivered to our home and it’s fine and it all works and it’s great weed?’

Zachary Pitts, Goddess Delivers

Still, new consumers consistently report being mystified by this new life option. They’re used to either calling their guy, or going into a licensed store for the dispensary experience.

Longtime delivery service operator Zachary Pitts of Goddess Delivers said the most common question he gets is, “‘Is this really real? Can we actually get it legally delivered to our home and it’s fine and it all works and it’s great weed?’”null

“And we’re like, ‘100%.’”

Here’s how to streamline your life, and save time and money with legal cannabis delivery services.

Looking for legal cannabis? Leafly has all your local menus

Marijuana delivery near me—Here’s how

You can use Leafly Finder to view verified, licensed cannabis stores in North America and beyond.

Popular search engines or other cannabis finder sites like Yelp often do not perform due diligence on whether or not a store is actually licensed, said Pitts, who is a member of the California Delivery Alliance.

That’s important because unlicensed stores carry untested products, which often contain labeling errors, and impurities. For example, about four in five illegal vape pens would fail purity tests in California.

How to get cannabis delivered to you

Delivery cannabis works a lot like delivery pizza, or an Amazon order. Generally, you place an online order or a phone order to a licensed store. Then, you get confirmation email or text, as well as a delivery time. When the delivery arrives, you show ID, sign, pay, and take your goods. Here’s the basic steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Filter by delivery. In the top right corner, check the ‘delivery’ box.
  3. Shop local menus. Click on store pages and view products.
  4. Phone in an order. Use the phone number on the store page to call in an order like it’s pizza.
  5. Alternatively, shop online. Put products in an online basket using participating Leafly advertisers. Click ‘add to bag’ under product listings at participating stores.
  6. Check out. Click on your shopping cart at the top right hand corner of your screen to order. First time shoppers, make an account for easy re-orders.
  7. Get confirmation. Receive texts or emails confirming order reception, processing and delivery time.
  8. Receive your goods. Have exact change in cash and a valid form of ID to receive your goods from the delivery person.

Physical distancing and cannabis delivery go great together. (Atlas/AdobeStock)

Where are cannabis deliveries legal?

Several medical and adult-use cannabis states allow cannabis deliveries. Canadian legalization also uses delivery fulfillment.null

Six states have adult-use cannabis delivery:

  • California has several hundred licensed delivery services serving the entire state
  • Oregon has limited delivery options based on local law
  • Maine has legalized delivery services
  • Nevada has adopted emergency rules permitting delivery during COVID-19
  • Massachusetts has legalized delivery, but it’s not operational yet
  • Michigan is allowing adult-use delivery under emergency rules

12 states have legal medical cannabis delivery:

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Florida
  • Maine
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Nevada
  • New Mexico
  • New Jersey
  • North Dakota
  • Oregon

Delivery and COVID-19

Furthermore, the advent of COVID-19 has sped adoption of delivery fulfillment, which can be cleaner than in-store transactions.

Efforts to contain the coronavirus may cause changes in availability, operating hours, or procedures at delivery services. We’re tracking openings and closures on the ‘Is my cannabis dispensary open? And does it deliver?‘’ page.RelatedCannabis and coronavirus: Here’s what you need to know

Illegal delivery

Delivery fulfillment has long been popular in illicit markets like New York, which recently decriminalized adult-use cannabis possession. Delivery is not yet legal in Washington, or Colorado, despite immense interest in Seattle and Denver. Cannabis delivery is also illegal in our nation’s capital, Washington, DC. And of course, all this activity runs counter to the federal Controlled Substances Act.

What are the best marijuana delivery services in my area?

It depends on what you’re looking for.

Speed? Low prices? Elite products? Customer service?

Delivery services vary by price, operating hours, delivery times, minimum orders, service areas, menu selection, menu emphasis, and degree of customer service.null

For example, Ganja Goddess offers a slick e-commerce experience, lots of hand-holding, and service to most of the entire state of California. But it’s same-day or next-day. “It’s about weighing your options,” said Ganja Goddess’ Zachary Pitts, who is a member of the California Cannabis Couriers Association. “It really depends on what you’re looking for.”

Since most customers are new, start with services that have high customer service scores on Leafly reviews and other sites, he said. Look at who’s winning awards, like Zenganic in Oakland, CA.

Types of marijuana delivery services

Marijuana delivery is so diverse, there are sub-specializations within the delivery space.

On-demand cannabis delivery

That’s where you say, ‘Bring me the herb!’, and they rush it to you as fast as a Domino’s pizza. The popular option here is Eaze. Selection is usually smaller, not as good, and prices aren’t great. But on-demand most closely satisfies the desire to pop out to the club and buy a joint.

Scheduled cannabis delivery

The opposite of on-demand is scheduled delivery, which is more like an Amazon package. It can be there the same-day, or next-day, or a particular day of the week. Scheduled cannabis delivery services can have a bigger, better selection, special deals, or other perks that come from a longer wait time.

Subscription boxes of the month

When the delivery is scheduled, things can get really awesome. Think: wine of the month clubs, but for cannabis. A standout subscription box in California right now is Flowsent. It’s like having your own elite flower buyer picking out your buds, extract, or edibles boxes. For folks whose time is money.

Membership clubs

Membership clubs like Flower Co. combine Costco-style member savings, and delivery, to bring you buckets of primo herb at rock-bottom prices.

Delivery subscription box Flowsent‘s flower box curates only the best for you. (David Downs/Leafly)

Frequently asked pot delivery questions

Do I need a medical marijuana license?

You don’t need a medical license in adult-use states like California. But having a doctors note, or a state ID card can result in savings on local and state sales taxes, and cannabis use taxes.null

If you are in a medical-only state, then yes you’ll need a doctor’s note and sometimes a state ID card to get delivery medical cannabis.

Can I get 24-hour cannabis deliveries?

Sorry, there’s no 24-hour cannabis delivery yet. Public safety officials have issues with that idea.

Can you deliver to something that’s not a home?

No. No dropping herb off in parks or car parks or parking lots, etc. Generally, legal cannabis deliveries are tied to the customer’s home address. Delivering to a hotel, or other non-residential addresses depends on local and state rules.

Can someone else accept my marijuana delivery?

It depends. Generally speaking, state regulations often require the person who places the order to receive order. This is to avoid underage sales and other deceptive actions.

For example, the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission delivery rules state, “the individual performing delivery must check the identification of the individual to whom delivery is being made in order to determine that it is the same individual who submitted the bona fide order, that the individual is 21 years of age or older, and must require the individual to sign a document indicating that the items were received.”

Michigan’s new delivery rules are similar: “A delivery employee shall verify that the person taking delivery is … the individual who placed the order.”

By contrast, in California, Goddess Delivers CEO Tara Wells said, “Basically, yes, once they’ve ordered online and we deliver it, anyone over 21 can accept the delivery.”

Feel free to ask your delivery service about such details as they’re always getting refined. “Things are constantly changing,” said Wells. “It’s a fluid thing.”

Is weed delivery safe?

Yes, it’s very safe.

Unlike illicit couriers, licensed delivery services in California, for example, follow dozens of pages of regulations from the Bureau of Cannabis Control. They must protect user data, as well as deter robbery by limiting vehicle inventories and locking products in a box welded to the vehicle frame. The drivers also have to be licensed by the DMV, and can’t use cannabis on the job.

Furthermore, state cannabis regulations, like Colorado’s for example, also contain security requirements including cannabis tracking, as well as rules like no deliveries after 9 pm.

With COVID-19, delivery services have implemented state health protocols to prevent the spread of disease. At Goddess Delivers, for example, there’s now contactless delivery with online pre-verification and payment, and a simple face verification, like a UPS drop-off. “There’s no cash involved,” said Wells.

How much weed can you get delivered at one time?

Commonly, you can get up to an ounce delivered in a legal state like California, but state laws or local rules can vary. Limits for medical cannabis patients can also be higher than adult-use consumer limits.

There are also different limits for different types of cannabis products. In California, for example, it’s one ounce of flower, 8 grams of extract, and 1000mg of THC in edibles. Floridian medical cannabis patients can get up to a 70-day supply delivered. In Michigan, you can get up to 2.5 ounces delivered or 15 grams of concentrate.

Your delivery service will let you know when you hit your order limit. Also, deliveries are often limited to once a day, per location.

Pro tips for using cannabis delivery services

  • App it up. Make sure you have Leafly on your Android phone, as well as your iOS devices. New app upgrades roll out weekly.
  • Have cash. Most delivery services only take cash, due to banking restrictions on the industry. However, some places do take debit cards, and a few are credit card-only. Be flexible.
  • Use online menus. But call for special help. “Customer service people have tried pretty much everything that’s on the menu. They’re going to know how to help you,” Pitts said.
  • Tip well. 20% should do it. Delivering bud is a low-paying job where you don’t actually get to smoke the awesome stuff on the menu. Share the love.

How to Start a Cannabis Delivery Service Business

Starting a cannabis delivery service business is a great alternative to the traditional route of opening a dispensary if your starting capital is less than $100,000 however you intend to get 30% net profit. This cannabis business also affords you a much greater opportunity to provide 1-on-1 service to your customers.

Main Steps to start a Cannabis Delivery Service Business.

1. Cannabis Delivery Service Business financial model will show you how you drive the future in all major areas: investments, sales, expense items and financing goals.

2. Cannabis Delivery business plan is a tool for understanding how your business is put together. You can use it to monitor progress, hold yourself accountable, it’s a sales and recruiting tool for attracting your future investors and expand your business and of course it will help to apply for cannabis delivery license.

3. Licensing

In the most states now a cannabis delivery service is legal as a part of dispensing (B2C) or between licensed premises by a licensee or licensee representative. For example, a cannabis retailer may deliver a cannabis item to a residence in Oregon, however the retailer must receive written approval from the Commission prior to making any deliveries and may not carry or transport at any one time more than a total of $3000 in retail value worth of marijuana items designated for retail delivery.

You need to learn cannabis delivery approval process and requirements for your state, city and county.

We are working on the detailed information about cannabis delivery opportunities in different states and soon will update this section.

4. Stock

Starting a cannabis delivery service means you don’t have to lease or buy an expensive store to keep your stock in, but you’ll still need a place that’s big enough, safe enough, and legal enough, to keep everything. Keeping your stock safe while its in storage isn’t the only time you’re going to have to consider security.

Be sure to have enough product to fill all anticipated orders. Research the current demand in the area you plan to service. Knowing this information will help you estimate how much cannabis products you need.

Learn the rules and regulations regarding the amount of product you can store, as well as the amount you are allowed to deliver at one time.

5. Vehicle

You’re going to need a sturdy, reliable and secure vehicle, one that fully complies with any state laws regarding the use of a vehicle for business purposes and with the vehicle registration laws in general:

(A) Capable of securing (locking) the cannabis items during transportation;

(B) Equipped with an alarm system; and

(C) Capable of being temperature controlled if perishable cannabis items are being transported.

Keep in mind that some patients who are physically capable of getting to a dispensary prefer to use a delivery service because of the extra level of discretion it ensures.

6. Clients

For many of the people who use cannabis delivery services, they’re often the only option, especially for those who suffer to the point that getting to a physical dispensary requires a mammoth effort.

Even if your business makes life easier for both them and you, you’ll still need to register them as in any other kind of cannabis business.

Work with your local physicians to establish good relationships that can lead to recommendations, have the appropriate registration forms with you, and don’t forget to verify their medical cannabis license.

7. Promotion

Because cannabis is illegal under federal law, state governments and online advertising platforms are placing strict rules on how companies can market their products.

Google, Facebook and Twitter all have advertising policies that restrict the promotion of the sale of cannabis. Google’s policy prohibits ads that promote “substances that alter mental state for the purpose of recreation.” Facebook restricts any “illegal, prescription, or recreational drugs.” And Twitter bans “illegal drugs” as well as substances that cause “legal highs.” Instagram and Facebook have decided to go a step further by removing pages of cannabis related businesses.

In spite of that you are still able to promote your service directly through special platforms, including:


You should also develop the website and brand your appearance, including mission statement, logo, colors, brochures etc

How to open a Dispensary in Arizona
Am Alternatative to Dispensaries
Cannabis businesses can you start in Arizona
What are Cannabis Social Clubs and how do they operate?

What are Cannabis Social Clubs and how do they operate?

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Last updated JUNE 18-2020 Published JUNE 22-2017

The idea of establishing Cannabis Social Clubs had been conceived by ENCOD, which is a non-profit organisation that works toward drug policy reforms throughout Europe.

According to ENCOD’s own definition, “Cannabis Social Clubs are set up to protect the rights of cannabis consumers and producers and help establish cannabis policies that benefit society as a whole.”


Differently spoken, cannabis social clubs are associations of cannabis consumers that help them with safe cultivation and the consumption of cannabis for their personal use. The growing of high quality cannabis and then the distribution to the club members is managed and overseen by the club.

It is important to understand that cannabis social clubs are only growing for their members and that you cannot simply obtain cannabis from a cannabis club as non-member. One could say that these social clubs are really closed private circles in the way how they are run.

The clubs not being open to everyone and more or less working in the background, without any advertising is normally also a requirement for the clubs in these countries where they exist.

The semi-private way to cultivate and to distribute cannabis within a club environment is also safer and a lot more transparent than if one had to obtain cannabis on the black market.



Cannabis Social Clubs can offer maximum transparency since the entire process, literally from planting the seeds to the finished product is taken care of and can be supervised. These clubs are non-profit organizations and are funded by their membership fees. The fees for the membership are normally determined by how much cannabis the particular members need, be it for medicinal use or for recreation.

Most of the time, the members of cannabis social clubs are not just mere cannabis consumers. Many of them are getting actively involved with the club where they participate with growing and/or distributing.

– In Cannabis Social Clubs, Supply Follows Demand

A Cannabis Social Club is unlikely ever growing more cannabis than its members require. Supply follows demand and not vice versa. This on the other hand should never be an issue because the demand for cannabis for each of the club members is known. This allows the club to produce the expected levels for all the members.

– Cannabis Social Clubs Are Non-Profit Associations

Cannabis Social Clubs are non-profit associations and if there is any financial benefit at some point this is used to promote the goals of the association only. Together with the main goal which is to safely cultivate and to distribute, the clubs are often also aiming to generate employment opportunities or to produce related goods and services. These activities are always legal within the law.

– Cannabis Social Clubs Offer Transparency

Even while Cannabis Social Clubs may at times have a rather private character due to their nature, they are still legally registered associations. They will have their own internal organisation with the decision-making body for all the clubs being the Annual General Assembly where each member of a Cannabis Social Club has one vote.

As with other official and legal clubs, the Cannabis Social Clubs are asked to provide reports at the Annual General Assembly about their activities and spending. This means that the clubs are maintaining a record of their activities which can also be seen-in by their members, other clubs or the authorities. As a member, you don’t need to worry about your privacy since registration data and registration of production is always anonymized.

– Cannabis Social Clubs Are Health Oriented

For Cannabis Social Clubs, the health of their members and that of the general public always plays a big role. For cannabis cultivation, they will want to grow organically without the use of potentially harmful pesticides and chemicals. In a similar way, the clubs are aiming to educate about problematic use of cannabis. The safe and responsible consumption is one of Cannabis Social Clubs’ highest priorities.

– Cannabis Social Clubs Don’t Shy The Open Dialogue with Authorities

Quite in contrast to as what is normally transpiring on the black market, Cannabis Social Clubs are always willing to engage in dialogue with authorities. Constructive dialogue with authorities is welcomed and actively encouraged.Related ArticleENCOD (European Coalition For Just And Effective Drug Policy)


The first modern Cannabis Social Clubs had been opened in Spain in 2005 as a concept of the non-government organization ENCOD. ENCOD sees the clubs as a way for legal production and distribution of cannabis. Among the principles of these clubs is that they are strictly non-profit and that the production of cannabis by these clubs can only cover the personal needs of their members.


Most Cannabis Social Clubs today are in Spain and in France with the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Slovenia and New Zealand having several as well. Pilots for the establishing of cannabis social clubs are currently underway in Switzerland and the UK.



The weed in cannabis clubs is grown collectively. Normally, the club will elect a group of members that will cultivate the plants. Those members who will be handling the growing for the club will normally be those who have already some experience with indoor and outdoors grows. At harvest time, other members of the club can also step-in to help with picking or packing.


Cannabis Social Clubs have many advantages but the biggest is that they provide safety since they do away with the need to obtain cannabis on the black market. As a result of the entire process from seed to harvest under the eyes of the club, this means also there is no low quality, stretched or laced products and no high prices. Many of the clubs also provide jobs along with a variety of goods or services, all of course entirely legal.

The beneficial social aspect of these clubs cannot be understated as well. The clubs educate and advise members and the public on safe cannabis use.Related ArticleHow To Check The Quality Of Marijuana


The requirements for becoming a member in a cannabis social club can sometimes vary but we can give you a typical example for what you need for the clubs in Barcelona, Spain.

Sometimes, you cannot simply sign-up and request a membership at a club since another member will need to endorse you. While this is normally the best way to go about it to become a member, not all is lost should you not have a friend in a club in your area.

Some cannabis clubs can have websites with information about their specific requirements if you want to join, with many of them providing an online application. It can be a good idea if you check out the club(s) in your area on the internet first. Many clubs today have facebook pages where you can request an invitation when you send them a message.

Most cannabis social clubs have a strict “no guests” policy that means if you plan to go there you shouldn’t bring anyone with you, unless the one is a member already or is going to become one.

The fee for the club can also vary, depending on the quality of the club. Average fees in Barcelona are between €20-€50 per year.

Know that you should absolutely and at all times carry an ID with you when you visit a cannabis social club.


As is so often the case when it comes to the law in regards to cannabis, the answers here are often floating in a grey zone and anything but conclusive.

For example, there are more than 500 clubs in Spain today and while various courts have testified to the legality of these clubs, the chairman of one very old club is now persecuted and accused of drug trafficking. If the Spanish courts are trying to form a precedent in this one case, it sure would spell bad news for many other clubs in the nation.

Likewise, the laws in particular when it comes to cannabis can be changing at a fast pace so that what had been legal (or illegal) yesterday isn’t necessarily so next month.

In other countries, the situation is not better but also not that much worse. For example, those interested in establishing cannabis clubs in the United Kingdom find themselves in a somewhat bizarre situation seeing that forming such a club would be entirely legal but growing cannabis and distributing it isn’t.

This of course poses a variety of problems. On the other hand, there are currently many efforts in the UK to get many cannabis social clubs established with many of them already operating but of course they are closely monitored.


Starting a cannabis social club isn’t much different to as if you wanted to found any other official type of club. There are guidelines and recommendations that one should follow so you can get everything right to form the club from the start.

The ENCOD, the overseeing organization for the Cannabis Social Clubs in Europe has outlined the process of starting a cannabis club to help you. Let’s take a look at their guidelines for how to start a cannabis social club.

– Public awareness of Intention

How to start a cannabis social club

As a first step you need to create public awareness about your planned club and make it known that you want to create one. You cannot just do this by putting up some flyers. What you need is a professional public presentation about your intent to make a club with local media, news etc. present.

At this initial presentation before the press you will have to outline your mission statement, what the club aims for such as that you want to create a safe, responsible environment for adults so they can consume cannabis without the risks and dangers of needing to turn to the criminal black market. In other words, what you’ll be doing by founding the club shall come across as the good thing it really is and you really need to make this a point.

To increase your chances to get heard and then your club being accepted later, it can be a good idea to get a prominent public figure that can endorse the idea as well! This has at least two benefits: More media coverage for your upcoming cannabis club and less risk of prosecution.

After this appearance before your local media, it is smart when you’re patient for a bit and just wait for a while. If everything is in the clear (means: no one is trying to prosecute your initiative for the club!) you can continue with the next step: Creating your cannabis social club!

– Creating the Cannabis Social Club

After your presentation and having made your intent known comes the fun part. You are now officially forming your legal cannabis social club! To do this you will create an executive committee that will run the club. As is the case with any other type of club, this means you will need a president, a secretary and a treasurer.

When this is done, next on the list will be your club statutes. Your club statutes need to include the purpose of the club and shouldn’t really leave much open so that no-one could misread it as that cannabis is illegally produced or distributed. Don’t hesitate to also engage with your club for cannabis research, for example how to grow it organically and in the best way. If you need help with that, you can get good club statutes templates from ENCOD that had already been successfully used to form some clubs.

Have your cannabis club statutes registered and approved with your local authority because this will add greatly to your club’s transparency.

Now with all these prerequisites taken care of, you can finally start to accept members! Here, you would however be advised to be careful. Only accept members who are familiar with and currently consuming cannabis. Experienced medicinal cannabis users are always a good bet but you need to make sure that these members don’t have conditions that are made worse from consuming cannabis.

While it’s understandable that you possibly would like to accept everyone, think about that a club that would run into legal troubles and then would have to shut down would be the least thing that you and the members want!

With a number of members comes the demand and this means that it’s now time to start with growing! If possible, choose a privately owned land as your plantation and if you can select a remote area for this out of the public eye.

Not only will your club grow weed for a whole bunch of members, you obviously want to do it right and in the best way possible. Grow organically and have quality always on your mind. You will likely also want to plant a good variety of strains depending on the needs of your members.

One thing that is important and surprisingly often overlooked: At all times and during all club activities carry documents about your legal membership to the club. You never know who and at what time somebody could possibly be arrested and this is where you always want to have these documents ready. This is especially important for everyone who’s actively involved in growing, harvesting and distributing! Needless to say, distribution and consumption of cannabis should only take place at the club.Related ArticleHow To Start Growing Weed Indoors In 10 Easy Steps

– Professional Club Organization

In the beginning of your club you may likely not have too many members and things may possibly go ok and not cause too many hassles. But in time, your membership will grow and sometimes substantially once the word got out! More members will normally mean more work and more logistical issues.

It is then where you should consider to “professionalize” your club. Such a professionalization can be done in various ways. For instance, at some point your club may well grow a considerate amount of cannabis so that one single plantation might just not cut it any longer.

At some point you could probably also consider to establish some guidelines for your members especially when it comes to distribution of your club’s “product” to non-members but there sure can be many other things that such guidelines can cover.

Should your club ever make profit, reinvest this profit smartly into the club. You could use the money to improve your facilities or take your profit as an opportunity to provide discounts with reduced membership fees.

Always keep records about your activities and your cannabis social club’s spending. Having documents and paperwork for everything that your club does is the best way so you can prove your good intentions and can come across as the professional and transparent cannabis social club that you’re the proud founder of!

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